Jaejoong`s Twit…

Jaejoong`s Twitter Update~♥ =’D 

@1215thexiahtic @6002themicky 어허.. 내겐 팔로잉된 친구가 둘밖에 없거늘..왜이리 글이 많이 올라와 정신없게 하는것이냐 당장 침실과 촬영장으로 썩 물러가지 못할까!물론 나도 오늘 옥탑방 왕세자를 몰아서 시청하긴했다만..

Trans: @mjjeje: @1215thexiahtic @6002themicky Oho.. I’m follow no friends besides these two.. So why is there such a tweet spam happening so crazily now? Go back to your bedroom or filming set respectively at once, won’t you!! Though of course I too, spent today watching Rooftop Prince all at one go.. 

@1215thexiahtic @6002themicky 참으로 재미있구려..옥탑방 왕세자라는 드라마..난 개인적으로 우용술의 팬이요.

Trans: @mjjeje: @1215thexiahtic @6002theMicky It’s really interesting.. This drama called Rooftop Prince.. Personally I’m a fan of Woo Youngsul. 

자고로 난 용태무와 같은 헬스클럽을 다니고있오 그자의 몸은 참으로 달달하고 기특하다는 이야기를 들었오.

Trans: I went to the same fitness center as Yong Taemo who came from the past I heard that his body is really nice and admirable..

난 잔다 람쥐. http://pic.twitter.com/wpJ1iH4Y

Trans: I’m going to sleep. http://pic.twitter.com/wpJ1iH4Y

Crdt: mjjeje
Translation: @AllRiseXiahtic, @9090TheAiiRzYJ via jaejoongclubImage


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