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Dear Chunsas/JYJers/DB5K-cassies,

We are planning for a fun and memorable Birthday Project for both Beloved Yoochun-ssi and Yoochun-Lovers in Singapore. We would like to invite you, all the Yoochun-lovers, to join our project. Without you, fans, there won’t be Micky Park Yoochun. Also, without you, there won’t be Yoochun Birthday Project.It is hard for us, International Fans, to get close to him and to let him know that we love him so much and we were there for him at the very far end of the world. Regardless of miles in distance, we want to show that we are always right behind him, supporting him, loving him, caring for him.

Birthday is a day which is most special to a person. On this special moment, we want to give him a memorable present which he can never buy with money. We want to make him smile wide, feel loved, and…

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Editor Note: He does have a milky skin! I have a crush on him as I see him at the airport!

Kim JaeJoong, lead singer of South Korean group ‘JYJ’ arrives in Taiwan! He is now filming <Dr. Jin> with Song Seung Hun and Lee Bum Soo. In spite of his busy filming schedules, he still specifically spares some time to hold a fan meeting in Taiwan. The airport is cramped with 400 passionate fans. Kim Jaejoong showers them with his smiles.

Pic 1 Line: Kim JaeJoong comes to Taiwan by himself. He wears casual outfits but still looks handsome.

Although May 23rd is a weekday, there are still more than 400 fans awaiting at the airport for Kim JaeJoong. He is the first K-pop star whose fans flood the newly refurbished Terminal 1 of the Taoyuan International Airport.

Pic 2 Line: Kim JaeJoong arriving in Taiwan, the newly refurbished…

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